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Top 10 Twitter Trends This Month [CHART]

March is said to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, but in social media at least, it came in like a tiger blood-infused Charlie Sheen…

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Netflix planning overseas invasion, slowly but surely

It’s been a long time coming. The video-on-demand provider Netflix has been talking about launching its service as a streaming-only version outside the U.S. for a while, but only now does it seem that the company is really getting ready to test its service globally, Engadget reports.

Netflix has put out job listings seeking people for its Hillsboro, Oreg. customer service call center. While based domestically, the positions will support Netflix customers outside of North America, and the applicants must be fluent in a foreign language in addition to English. The languages listed are Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), and Spanish (Latin American and European).

One of the jobs, the position of a Training Supervisor, also explicitly calls for help in growing globally: ?We are rapidly expanding internationally and are looking for a very bright Training Supervisor to help us educate our CS reps for that growth.?

Netflix hasn’t publicly said which country or region outside the U.S. will be the first international market for the company. Judging by the languages listed here, most of Europe is covered as well as important markets in Asia and Latin America. Also, the reach seems to cover countries with deep penetration of laptops, computers and games console networks, which Netflix could leverage for its streaming-only service.

Netflix did say back in January 2010 that as far as demand goes, Europe could be first: ?The big market for Hollywood content (after the U.S.) is Europe…Third is Asia. Fourth is the rest of the world.? (Canada was ?international-lite?, according to Chief Executive Reed Hastings.) In addition, Netflix was planning for a launch in the UK in 2004 but scrapped its plans to build its domestic business, which now boasts some 20 million subscribers in the U.S. After all this I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Netflix first going after a major European market, as it sets out for world domination.

Via Engadget, photo via RyAwesome

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MLB?s Revamped iPad App

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Amazon Cloud Drive

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Color Keeps Digging

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HOW TO: Launch Any Product Using Social Media

On March 8, I introduced my tenth book. There are few processes that I enjoy more than a product introduction, and this one enabled me to try…

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Free GigaOM Pro Webinar: Creating the Cloud-Ready Enterprise

As more and more large enterprises evaluate cloud-centric platforms, it?s more important than ever to create a forward-looking strategy for transitioning business to the cloud. Join GigaOM Pro and Rackspace for a free, one-hour, roundtable webinar on March 30, 2011 with our four cloud experts

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Impossible in theory

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Accepting false limits

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Open question: How much convenience are you willing to give up for security?

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HuffPo co-founder explains the secrets of viral content

Jonah Peretti, who co-founded both the Huffington Post and BuzzFeed, has spent a lot of time thinking about what makes content go viral. Today, he shared some lessons on-stage at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco — and in the process, offered some thoughts on the difference between how Google and Facebook look at the world.

One of the key things to understand, Peretti said, is that ?content spreads for different reasons on different platforms.? Google?s search engine is built around information. Sites like are perfectly optimized for Google, because they?re ?knowledge-centric? and ?keyword-centric?.

Things work very differently on social networks like Facebook. Users are less likely to share how-to articles and more likely to share content that?s funny or that they identify with. As Peretti put it, on Facebook, users share things that ?define you and make you look good.?

As an example, Peretti talked about a funny photograph of two basset hounds running that was posted on BuzzFeed. There?s no useful information in the photo, so from the perspective of Google, it has very little value. Yet the photo has received more than 45,000 Facebook ?likes?.

In other words, he said that publishers who want to their content to go viral need to stop thinking about it as “information to get into people’s heads” and more as “an excuse for social action”.

?This is something Google struggles to understand with their content initiatives,? Peretti said. (It will be interesting if Google?s new social effort, +1, bucks this trend.)

He also talked a bit about how these ideas have influenced BuzzFeed, which operates a site for viral content and also offers tools for publishers to measure viral lift. The company has really focused on viral lift as the new measure of success, rather than straight pageviews, Peretti said. And it takes the social idea even further in a redesign that he previewed today. Instead of dividing the content into traditional topic areas like ?politics? and ?sports?, it?s divided by users? reactions: ?LOL?, ?OMG?, ?Fail?, and so on.

[photo by Dean Takahashi]

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The Talk Show, Episode 35

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Hacker Poll: Are You Still Developing on the Twitter API?

It's been a few weeks now since Twitter asked developers to stop building new clients. Reaction from the developer community has been generally negative.

But has there been a backlash? Sure some developers have built a competing microblogging system, but are API developers quitting the platform?

What about you? Are you still still developing on the Twitter API?



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Oh, Samsung

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Apple?s WWDC tickets sell out in less than a day ? is it another jab at game conferences?

Tickets for Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC), its annual conference geared toward developers for its operating systems, sold out in less than a day. And the conference is conveniently taking place during the same week as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the largest video game conference in the U.S.

This isn’t the first jab Apple has taken at a video game conference, either ? it announced the release of the next iteration of its tablet computer, the iPad 2, during the Game Developers Conference in early March. Apple’s press event took place at around the same time Nintendo took the stage for a keynote address at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif.

One of Apple’s largest success stories on the iPhone is its massive game library. That includes the likes of casual games like Angry Birds and Popcap’s strategy game Plants vs. Zombies. But the mobile phone also sports some more “hardcore” games like Epic’s Infinity Blade and a mobile version of the parkour extravaganza Mirror’s Edge. Those are the kinds of games that are highlighted at E3, which is typically one of the largest and most�extravagant�events for triple-A titles in the industry.

But the conference has traditionally shied away from games on mobile devices like the iPhone ? instead focusing on the major consoles and handheld systems like the 3DS and Sony’s next generation portable device, the NGP. That could be frustrating for Apple, which might take the chance to show its gaming clout at WWDC this year after pulling a substantial number of developers to the conference ? and likely away from E3, because there is a lot of money to be made making iPhone apps.

Apple might announce that it will�delay the release of the next version of the iPhone?s software, iOS 5.0, until the fall. Apple typically holds an iOS preview event in early spring ? last year it�showed off multitasking in iOS 4.0 at the beginning of April. While primarily an event for developers, Apple has also made major announcements at past WWDCs.�In addition to iOS and iPhone announcements, the 2011 WWDC will also feature over 100 technical sessions to help developers get the most out of Apple?s platforms, as well as Apple?s annual Design Awards for iPhone, iPad, and Mac OSX apps.

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Why the Cloud Is Actually the Safest Place for Your Data

Worried about your data? If you?re not, you?re kidding yourself. It?s become clear over the past few months that the risk of security bre…

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John Paczkowski on Bertrand Serlet?s Departure From Apple

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Let's imagine Steve Jobs is President of the United States

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Publishing News: Week in Review

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More Open

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App to dig into epidemiological data wins Practice Fusion challenge award

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6 New Apps for Uncovering the Best Local Knowledge

At some point after Quora launched in 2009, the Q&A concept has moved from the realm of stodgy forums to burgeoning tech trend. Meanwhile,…

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Page: Community



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App to dig into epidemiological data wins Practice Fusion challenge award

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OpenFlow: The NoSQL of Network Protocols

In the early 1960s, Paul Baran invented packet switching. Packet switching became the foundation ARPANET, which later gave way to the Internet. Baran died at the age of 84 last Saturday.�But packet switching lives on after all these years as the primary foundation of computer networking.

But just as chips, databases and programming languages have entered a period of increased specialization, we may be seeing the beginnings of specialized network topologies. Last week several Internet giants, including Facebook, Google and Yahoo formed the Open Network Foundation, a group dedicated to promoting Software-Defined Networking (SDN). The group's first priority is a protocol called OpenFlow. The key idea is to give network engineers more control over switches by giving them customizable firmware, supplanting the one size fits all paradigm of modern networking equipment.


Just as NoSQL databases like BigTable, Cassandra and HBase have enabled these companies to create new database architectures, the OpenFlow could enable them to build highly customized network topologies that combine the packet switching and circuit switching paradigms.

"We believe that OpenFlow is a pragmatic compromise: on one hand, it allows researchers to run experiments on heterogeneous switches in a uniform way at line-rate and with high port-density," reads the abstract of the OpenFlow white paper. "While on the other hand, vendors do not need to expose the internal workings of their switches."

Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, and Yahoo sit on the board of the Open Network Foundation. Several other major technology companies are members as well, including equipment vendors like Netgear.

See also: 5 Ways Networking is Being Reinvented.

Photo by lco.


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Lendle Is Back

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Reject the tyranny of being picked: pick yourself

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Computers, Freedom, and Privacy enters 21st year at a moment of hot debate

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Monday, March 28, 2011

M&A Issues: Consideration

We are getting to the end of the series on M&A. Two more M&A Issues to talk about and then I am done. The final two are consideration and price. Today I'll talk about consideration and next week I'll talk...

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The War For Talent

Steve Blank says in his New Rules For The New Internet Bubble: hiring talent in Silicon Valley is the toughest it has been since the bubble I'm hearing this from everyone I know in Silicon Valley. And you can...

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CHARGE Anywhere Makes Nexus S an NFC Terminal

Droidx chargeanywhereCHARGE Anywhere, a mobile payments company and gateway provider, has introduced a system that enables the Google Nexus S phone to function as an NFC-enabled mobile payments terminal. Using a mobile application downloaded to the device, merchants can accept NFC payments using just their Nexus S smartphone. An optional printer and swiper enables merchants to accept traditional credit card payments as well.


Chargeanywhere android

NFC & Traditional Payments Accepted

With its�mobile payment platform for Android, shown off at last week's CTIA conference in Orlando, Florida, CHARGE Anywhere is making a name for itself in the growing mobile payments space that includes competitors like VeriFone, Square and Intuit. With CHARGE Anywhere's system, merchants can accept NFC-enabled payments, such as those from MasterCard's PayPass and Visa's payWave (both contactless payment systems), using only their mobile phone.

For traditional credit card processing, the company also provides a combination card swiper and receipt printer which connects to the mobile application over Bluetooth. Printer/swipers are available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad devices while an optional audio jack swiper and sleeve are available for the iPhone only.

By Q2 2011, CHARGE Anywhere plans to add PayPal support to its application to supplement the payment methods it accepts, which now include Cash, Check, Credit, Gift/Loyalty cards and ACH/eCheck payments.

The benefit of using the CHARGE Anywhere solution, says the company, is that a merchant can bring their own account from their own bank to the service, instead of having to drop that and sign up for a new one. The company supports all major card processors and allows its transactions to be uploaded into�QuickBooks.

Other Apps

The new Android solution is being made available as a software update to the Android application already available in both the official Android Market and the Amazon Appstore for Android. CHARGE Anywhere has its software in other app stores too, including iTunes, RIM's BlackBerry App World and the Windows Marketplace (for Windows Mobile; a Windows Phone 7 version is in the works). JME and Brew versions are available as well, with the Brew version arriving in Verizon's VCast apps store soon.

NFC, or near field communications, is an emerging technology that allows for short-range, wireless data transfers between two devices, such as a mobile phone and a point-of-sale system. Google is reportedly working on its own mobile payments system with Citigroup and MasterCard, according to a new report out today. Other initiatives in the U.S. include Isis, a carrier-led NFC payments system with Discover and Barclay Card as partners and Visa's In2Pay, which enables NFC transactions on a number of mobile devices through the use of microSD cards either inserted into the phone itself or into a case for the phone.


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RIM: The Inmates Have Taken Over the Asylum

Virginie Ledoyen Lindsay Lohan Heidi Klum Vogue Charlize Theron

Ubiquity and revenue streams: How HTML5 can help publishers

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Mamma Mia! Italian Ruling on Piracy Puts Websites on Notice

Italy?s famously fractious relationship with Internet companies doesn?t show any signs of improving, after a judge in Rome ruled Yahoo should do more to ?inhibit? copyright infringement ? a move that could open the door to lawsuits against YouTube and others.

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Blog Post: Microsoft TechDays 2011 - la vid�o de la session Dynamic Memory en profondeur

Et hop, voici la vidéo de la session “Windows 7 - Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 - Dynamic Memory en profondeur” que Christophe Dubos, Jérôme Mombelli & Fabrice Meillon ont joués lors de la seconde journée des Microsoft Techdays 2011 à Paris. Bon visionnage...

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In the future we'll be talking, not typing

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Entrepreneur Corner: Domain woes and building a sales machine

Here’s the latest from VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner.

Want a domain that’s not available? Here’s what to do ? Picking a perfect company name only to learn the URL isn’t available is frustrating ? but it doesn’t mean you have to start the process over. Attorney Curtis Smolar looks at five ways you can secure the domain of your choosing.

5 tips for building a well-oiled sales and marketing machine ? Sales and marketing often put on a nice face when customers are around, but play the blame game when the doors are closed. Adam Blitzer, co-founder and COO of Pardot, gives five tips on how to make the two divisions work better together.

Introductions are a privilege, not a right ? It’s easy to ask for an introduction, but too many people press their luck when trying to meet with an influential CEO or VC. Investment banker Megan Jones lists 12 ground rules you need to follow if you want to have any chance of securing the handshake.

Want to succeed? Build an ‘anti-advisory board’ ? Knowing what you don?t know can be even more valuable than what you do. And that’s just as true of your board of advisors ? both on a personal and business level, says CMEA Capital partner Saad Khan.

Twitter co-founder Dorsey: Instrument everything – Square and Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey admits that in the early days, Twitter was “flying blind” and had no idea what its users needs were. When he moved to Square, his passion to measure and instrument everything for the collection of data became a priority.

Tags: entrepreneur corner

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Protecting the soft spot

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Are Crappy Startups Wall Street?s Fault?

The Kauffman Foundation claims in a new report that high-paying jobs in the financial sector have drained the prospective pool of startup founders until it's pretty shallow. It may even be responsible for allowing "potentially weaker" startups to gain funding. Here's a look at the arguments.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog Post: Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011



Register now to attend Microsoft SharePoint Conference, the premier worldwide conference dedicated to SharePoint and related technologies!

SharePoint Conference 2011 will be the only conference to hear experts from Microsoft and around the world share their experience and knowledge about a variety of topics such as cloud services, best practices & real world project insights.  The session content will cover products including SharePoint and SharePoint Online as part of the soon to be released Office 365.

Whether you are an IT Professional, IT Manager, Architect, Developer or Project Manager, SharePoint Conference 2011 will give you the tools, knowledge and skills you need to get the most value from your SharePoint investment and projects. Whether you are just getting started with SharePoint or have deep technical experience, SharePoint Conference 2011 will have the content to help you plan, develop, deploy, and govern your SharePoint solution.

In addition to exclusive session content you will have access to Hands on Labs, as well as opportunities to network with technical and industry experts including Microsoft engineers, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), Microsoft Certified Masters (MCMs), SharePoint customers and many of our top Certified Partners.

The conference registration fee for SharePoint Conference 2011 is $1,199 and seats are limited!  The 2009 conference sold out fast so don?t miss your chance ? register now!

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Blog Post: SCVMM 2012: Tecnolog�as para mantener la salud y eficiencia de la plataforma de virtualizaci�n


En SCVMM 2012 hay varias tecnolog�as que nos permiten mantener la salud de nuestra plataforma de virtualizaci�n, cada una de ellas se enfoca hacia un aspecto determinado:

  • Enhanced Placement:
    • Nos permite configurar reglas y validaciones que se utilizaran a la hora de decidir donde debe correr una VM.
    • Cuando hablamos de servicios (compuestos por mas de una VM) es posible configurar reglas para que las VMs no coincidan o coincidan en los mismos servidores de virtualizaci�n.


  • Dynamic Optimization (DO):
    • DO se encarga de balancear la carga de VMs entre los nodos de los clusters
    • No requiere SCOM y sobre todo se encarga balancear carga de Procesador, Memoria, IOPs, etc.
    • Podemos configurar cuanto de agresivo queremos que sea a la hora de decidir mover las VMs con live migration para distribuir la carga.
    • DO puede correr autom�ticamente o manualmente



  • Power Management:
    • Entre otros aspectos de gesti�n de energ�a, se encarga de agrupar VMs para poder apagar hosts cuando no hacen falta en base a un horario que especifiquemos.
    • Nunca se producir� el apagado si se viola con ello las reservas de cluster
  • SCOM y PRO:
    • SCVMM 2012 se integra con SCOM y autom�ticamente nos facilita informaci�n sobre el rendimiento y salud de todos los elementos gestionados por SCVMM.
    • La configuraci�n es mucho mas sencilla que antes, solo ten�is que instalar la consola de SCOM en el servidor de SCVMM y seguir el asistente.


En SCOM recordar poner el agente de SCVMM como proxy:


El Management Pack tiene ahora una cuenta de Run As con los credenciales para conectarse con SCVMM aseguraros de que esta bien configurada:



    • Gracias a SCOM tambi�n tenemos informes sobre la evoluci�n del consumo de los recursos y tendencias de capacidad, aunque esta funcionalidad requiere de instalar SSAS el SQL Server.




    • Tendremos monitorizados tanto los Hyper-V como los XEN o los VMWare.
    • Otro aspecto interesante de la integraci�n con SCOM son los diagramas generados autom�ticamente


    • PRO si requiere SCOM y en SCVMM 2012 adem�s tambi�n aplicara a XEN y VMWare, reaccionando a problemas de recursos o disponibilidad en formas mas complejas que DO y adem�s pudiendo ser extendido al igual que PRO en SCVMM 2008 por los fabricantes de hardware y software.



Poco a poco ir� extendiendo cada uno de estos aspectos en varios Posts pero de momento tengo claro que SCVMM 2012 supone un avance en gesti�n y monitorizaci�n de los recursos, la cantidad de opciones y personalizaciones posibles es muy rica y creo que va a dar mucho juego.

Un saludo a todos.

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