Monday, January 31, 2011

Loathe your Kindle? Swap it for a bunch of books

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Digg Gets an Overhaul to Draw Users Back

Digg has launched an overhaul and redesign of the struggling social media service in an attempt to bring users back and regain some momentum. Th…

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Android In-App Payments Coming Soon

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Will data warehousing survive the advent of big data?

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? The Practical vs. Idealistic Scenarios for the Near-Term Future of Online Video

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Claim Chowder: Bloomberg on the Verizon iPhone

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I will miss the old Y Combinator

One thing I love about Y Combinator before today is its austereness. Walk into InDinero’s original office, for instance, and you’ll see it actually is a house, where several people live, which keeps costs way down. This is typical for a Y Combinator company. The $17,000 they usually gave companies just doesn’t go far in [...]

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On the Term ?HTML5?

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Davos hero: Elisabet de los Pinos

When I sat down last night at dinner I was facing Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Materials, a clean-tech firm that’s had good success in the past year, with about 450 employees. He quickly whispered in my ear that I must meet Elisabet de los Pinos. He said “she is doing work that could win [...]

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Blog Post: ?UX?????? SE ????? UX????????????????

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Are Location-Based Services Ready to Turn the Corner?

Despite reports that location-based services are far from mainstream, new research by Microsoft suggests the technology is gaining adoption and may be poised to follow in the footsteps of the ATM, which took some time to dispel safety concerns on its way to being universally used.

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HOW TO: Land a Job at 9 Hot Startups

Today’s startups have the potential to become tomorrow’s legendary public offerings. While still in their nascent stage today, star…

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Five overhyped tech trends for 2011

January brings with it enough hype and hyperbole to confuse even the most hardened of technology trend watchers. With CES now behind us and a few weeks to hone our forecasting skills, here are the trends we believe are worth your attention and the ones that should be looked at with a skeptical eye.

Top 5 overhyped technology trends for 2011

Google Chrome OS An innovative new OS for netbooks sounded great — in 2009. Consumers looking for netbooks are already shifting their attention to tablets, a trend which will intensify as Android tablets hit the market en masse later this year. Chrome OS will be among the biggest casualties of this shift, as businesses will ignore Chrome OS and consumers will be too busy playing Angry Birds on their iPad 2 to care. Internet TV. Landfills are littered with the remains of the many failures in this category. Google has already delivered an underwhelming vision for fusing the web and television — a bad omen for others looking for a breakout hit later this year. Until the cable companies can be removed from the equation (or they deliver some innovative set-top hardware of their own) nothing in this category will live up to the hype. The iPad as the savior of magazine publishers. While we should applaud (some) magazine publishers for reinventing their content to take advantage of all the iPad has to offer, it won?t be enough to save them. Emotion seems to be getting in the way of logic — if publishers weren?t able to make the model work with 240 million web users, how can they hope to make it work with an audience less than 5 percent of that size? Expect to see the valiant efforts from Sir Richard Branson and Rupert Murdoch shuttered before CES 2012. Tablets will eliminate the market for single-purpose devices. Despite any magical power it may have, the iPad revolution won?t eliminate consumer demand for great single-purpose devices like the Kindle or Nintendo DS. Need some proof? Watch the launch of the Nintendo 3DS later this year. Nintendo will show that a single-purpose device can both survive and thrive if it has the game to back it up. PlayStation 3 Despite what looked like a potential comeback in mid-2010, the Kinect will finish off any chance of a lasting resurgence from Sony. Less fun than the Wii and less innovative than the Xbox/Kinect, PlayStation 3 is a tweener doomed to a third-place finish in this generation of consoles. Best advice for Sony: be first to market with the PS4.

Top 5 technology trends you actually should pay attention to in 2011:

Windows Phone 7 will be a sleeper hit. Despite many dire predictions, Windows Phone 7 is a terrific mobile OS and it will grab market share in 2011. It will be supported over the long-term by Microsoft and evolve into a more diverse ?light-OS? that will appear on a variety of touch-driven devices. It will steal market share from Blackberry in the enterprise and be the number three platform by end of 2011. iOS devices will have a huge year. The iPad 2 release and the iPhone on Verizon will help Apple increase their already dominant mindshare with marketers and developers. Later this year, look for Apple to merge additional elements of iOS with MacOS, creating an easy transition for iOS users to make the switch to Mac. Marketers will experiment with the ?Internet of Things?. Last year marketers-on-the-edge began experimenting with augmented reality. This year, its equivalent will be the ?Internet of Things?. We?ve already seen hints of this in everyday life, from ovens that alert customers when goodies are done, to bicycles that tweet. The trick for marketers will be to understand what is useful and what is just a gimmick. Facebook continues its unstoppable march towards dominance. Facebook will officially become the most popular site on the Web in early 2011. It will learn from earlier challenges and do a better job of working with advertisers and developers, becoming more predictable, stable, and easy to work with as the year progresses. As a result, brands will increase their adoption of the platform, centering their campaigns and advertising dollars around Facebook.

Mobile market fragmentation will lead us back to the future. Brands, marketers, and developers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the concept of supporting a wide and ever-growing variety of mobile platforms, devices, and form-factors. With Apple iOS and Android dominant, Windows Phone 7 and HP?s WebOS ready to challenge, and Nokia and Blackberry poised to emerge from their slumber, fragmentation of the marketplace, financial sobriety and a return to rational thinking about the mobile space will lead us back to where we began — cross-platform, web-based apps.

Bill Predmore is founder and president of digital marketing agency Pop.

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Blog Post: Some more blogs....

When i Travel the Juices of thought flow. given that i have been Travelling this week after a long time, got many thoughts in my mind. so i am just completing a couple of blogs.


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?My Trilogy Kicks Your Trilogy?s Ass? T-Shirts

Cat Power January Jones Christina DaRe Malin Akerman Melissa Joan Hart's Redesign Met With Resistance


Whenever a company makes a big change to its layout, there are likely to be some complaints. You can't make everybody happy all the time, right?

Well, social organization site Meetup plopped down a redesign that it's calling "New Meetup" and its users have come out in droves to ask for the "Old Meetup" back.


Meetup uses a service called UserVoice to manage its customer support, wherein users can make suggestions and have other users voice and comment on those suggestions. One suggestion, to "give organizers the ability to restore the old format. Or at least change the current one." has leapt to the top, with nearly 4,000 user votes and 2,000 comments on the topic.

From the description of the new Meetup site, it sounds like the changes are geared at allowing more cooperation and coordination when creating events, rather than relying on a single organizer to dictate when, where and how the event will take place. "If the leadership team for the Meetup Group would rather plan all the Meetups," the company writes, "Organizers may choose to disable Meetups 'in the making' under Group settings."

A site administrator has commented on the much-supported user request and said that it is "Unlikely we will flat out revert or offer multiple views, but keeping this open to hear how the new meetup is not working."

Users have responded in the comments saying that they will stop paying for the service, with some even taking their plea to Facebook, where they've created a group to petition Facebook to enable features similar to the ones they lost.

Surely, though, there are some users that are happy with the redesign, right? Are you a user and pleased with how things turned out? Let us know in the comments.


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Lawsuit to Taco Bell: Where?s the Beef?

Fergie Ivanka Trump Blake Lively Christina Applegate Shana Hiatt

Why I don't sell Kimchi

Michelle Obama Kerry Suseck FSU Cowgirls Abbie Cornish Krista Allen

? Simple Questions for Google Regarding Chrome?s Dropping of H.264

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Publishing News: Week in Review

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Another 10 Creative Uses of the New Facebook Profile [PICS]

It’s clear that there are many, many ways to hack your Facebook profile. New profiles began appearing in December and here at Mashable we rounde…

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Obedience and the GPS

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blog Post: Estrat�gia de TI: Inova��o na �rea de TI ? S� isto ?

Olá, tudo bem?

O mercado de TI é cada vez mais complexo e às vezes é difícil de aceitar todas as novas tendências na primeira vista. Importante é que nos precisamos sé lembrar de que o mercado tem uma própria dinâmica independente das nossas capacidades na área de TI.

Na mais recente edição da Sloan Management Review, Sloan introduziu um novo estudo que eles estavam fazendo junto com a IBM chamado “ Intelligent Enterprise ”. No estudo, eles pesquisarem 3000 executivos e pediram-lhes para definir as prioridades mais importantes para os próximos dois anos. O que vocês acham que fui à prioridade mais votada?

Surpreendentemente ninguém mencionou redução de custos, agilizar o crescimento, redução de riscos ou aumentar a agilidade.

 O ponto mais importante foi "A conseguir a diferenciação competitiva através da Inovação”. Ótimo, mas isto afeta minha área de TI? Eu tenho possibilidades de influenciar esta prioridade? Mas como a área de TI pode ajudar na inovação? Eu não tenho tempo de pensar ?

O estudo da IQ Digital , que entrevistou 750 executivos para identificar o papel principal dos CIO’s no processo de inovação, mostra que 75 % dos CIO’s se concentram nas inovações internas na própria área de TI. Apenas 25% disseram que o papel dos CIO’s tem impacto voltado o mercado para ajudar a desenvolver novos mercados, produtos e clientes.

Analisando estas pesquisas nos podemos compreender que a organização espera uma perspectiva de inovação da área de TI. Uma pergunta constante é se nos estamos falando sobre a inovação empresarial usando tecnologia ou nós estamos falando sobre o que é inovação poderia melhorar nos processos de negócios ou a função da TI própria? Ou ambos?

Um exemplo pratica que me passa na cabeça fui uma companhia de seguros que há alguns anos tentava de resolver este problema. Eles não formalizarem o problema desta maneira, mas este era essencialmente o problema. O que eles fizeram foi criar uma função de inovação de TI muito pequena que estava apenas olhando como aproveitar e capitalizar os esforços de inovação de seus fornecedores.

O que estavam fazendo os fornecedores - como Microsoft, IBM, HP e Oracle - e como eles poderiam aproveitá-lo? Era mais de uma função de divulgação e comunicação para incorporar essas ideias.

Ao mesmo tempo, eles criaram uma função de inovação de produtos. Era uma função de negócio respondendo direto para o presidente de negócios. Nessa função, eles analisarem a própria organização, mercado e vários concorrentes olhando na inovação de produtos e serviços. Ao longo do tempo eles perceberem que um capacitador importante na criação de inovações é a área de TI. Infelizmente a área de TI nunca fui considerada uma área estratégica inovadora. Mas como? Quem? Eles têm a maturidade?

Analisando os pros e contras, eles incluírem o CTO no processo de inovação, incluindo o pensamento como cobrir as dimensões de tecnologia e informação nos produtos e funções comerciais.

Então, eu acho que precisamos pensar sobre o que é nosso papel no processo de inovação. Como a sua função na área de TI poderia gerar mais impacto voltado o mercado para ajudar a desenvolver novos mercados, produtos e clientes.

Até o proximo post,


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Video: 3 Tips for Social CRM Adoption

IT project failure expert Michael Krigsman shared some thoughts on social CRM adoption at Dreamforce last December. Krigsman has posted a video from Dreamforce and added some thoughts.

Frankly, I'm surprised there are enough companies that have tried and failed to adopt social CRM that anyone can deduce any trends yet. It's still such a new technology/strategy. But Krigsman's advice is good. It may seem obvious, but the problems he mentions are exactly the ones that trip projects up.


Krigsman cites three reasons that social CRM projects typically fail:

  • Poor strategy
  • Over-focus on technology
  • Minimizing culture

Krigsman concludes with some common sense advice:

WIFM - "what's in it for me" -- is key to encouraging user adoption of any social business software. Help users engage quickly and often, by finding ways for them to gain tangible value fast. Users adopt new software when they experience delight and benefit, which is an incredibly powerful combination.

It's probably worth mentioning Ray Wang's tips for avoiding social CRM failure as well.

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Entrepreneur Corner: Rulings may change privacy rights of employee emails

Here?s the latest from VentureBeat?s Entrepreneur Corner.

How private is employee email? ? You might think the rules about whether an employee?s emails on a work computer are cut and dry, but recent court rulings have muddied the waters. Attorney Curtis Smolar brings you up to speed on where things stand.

Here’s why you should care about the flexible workforce ? Mobile employees are growing in number ? and the trend doesn?t seem likely to reverse itself anytime soon. Rob Eleveld, CEO of Shiftboard, Inc., lists five things sntrepreneurs need to know as the contingent workforce becomes the rule, rather than the exception.

8 more mutable suggestions of startup naming ? Still searching for the perfect name for your startup? Serial entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah is back with eight additional suggestions on how to pick one that works ? and won?t haunt you as your company matures.

Creating the unforgettable elevator pitch ? Elevator pitches are pretty commonplace in the startup world, but not everyone knows how to do them. Eric Tsai, web strategist at Designdamage, offers tips on how to make the most of your efforts to pitch your idea in a short timespan.

5 solid startup lessons – Aaron Levie launched from his college dorm room and made a lot of mistakes. Now, the CEO of a company that has raised nearly $30 million in venture capital since 2005, runs down some of the top lessons he has learned.

This post was sponsored by WatchMouse, a service which monitors websites, Web applications, and web API’s for availability and performance from an external perspective. WatchMouse delivers a self-service monitoring solution utilizing an infrastructure of over 50 monitoring stations in 30 countries. Multi-step monitoring, Real Browser Monitoring and Public Status Pages are included in all plans. Learn more here. As always, VentureBeat maintains strict adherence to its principles of editorial integrity and WatchMouse had no input into the content of this post.

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Macworld 2011: Industry Forum

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Developer Week in Review

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Teaser Site for Upcoming Toshiba Tablet

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Internet Reportedly Down in Syria

On the same day that Egypt has allegedly blocked the Internet, Syria may have made a similar move to silence dissenting voices. According to Ara…

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User: asif21

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Why the Telcos Will Go On a Spending Spree

MoMo Cisco Router in Network closet - 0630201022053The news came yesterday that Verizon is buying Terremark, a cloud services provider. The deal is worth a reported $1.4 billion.

We've seen a lot of talk about possible acquisition targets since the news broke. But it feels like it's more interesting to explore why the market conditions are right for telecommunications companies executives to continue spending mergers and acquisition budgets on infrastructure providers and cloud management companies.


Chuck Hollis is vice president of global marketing and chief technology officer at EMC Corporation. It's clear to him that the acquisition is evident of the move to providing information technology more as a service than anything else:

If you believe in the secular trend that -- over time -- more IT will be delivered as a service vs. consumed in a traditional fashion, you quickly realize that telcos can have a compelling position.

They've got lots and lots of pipe. They know how to deliver a related form of service -- communications. They know how to price their offerings and bill for them.

Their strategic motivations are usually clear as well. More ordinary network services are quickly becoming commoditized. There's only so much content you can sell people. And, before long, you go looking for the next big market to attack.
Indeed, early on, many people thought that IT-as-a-service would go to the telco carriers, and that would be that.

Stacey Higginbotham of GigaOm writes that telecommunications companies see the ability to manage customers networks and their infrastructure.

That's a new play that correlates to the deeper interest that the telecommunications companies have in extending the data they offer through APIs.

To offer the computing, the network and also data capabilities means telecommunications providers need to invest in cloud management technologies and new routing capabilities for data services. We'll see how these kinds of companies are viewed as telecommunications executives target more companies for acquisition in the year ahead.


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Building Better Social Graphs (continued)

I've been thinking for a while now that there will not be one social graph to rule them all (Facebook) but that we will eventually have a multitude of web/mobile services in our lives, each with a social graph we...

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Two truths about juggling

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Friday, January 28, 2011

The sure-fire recipe for business success

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This Morning?s Top 3 Stories in Social Media & Business

Welcome to this morning?s edition of ?First To Know,? a series in which we keep you in the know on what?s happening in the digital world…

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Blog Post: Office 2010? 2010? 12? ?? ????? ?? ???? ?? ??

Office 2010? 2010? 12? ?? ????? ?? ???? ?? ??

2010? 12? 14? ?? ????? Office ???? ?? ???? ?? ?? 2010? 12? ?? ????? ??? ?? ??? ???? ???? ????. ? ?? ??? 2010? 12? 31?? ???????.

??: 2010? 12? ?? ???? KB ???? ??? ???? Office ?? ???? ?? ?? ????. ??? ???? ????? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ??? ?? ?? ???? ????? ??? ????.

Office, Office ?? ? ?? ??? ?? ????? ?? ??? Office ???? ??? ??????.  

? ??? ??? ??? ??????. ?? ??? Changes to hotfixes in the December 2010 Cumulative Update for Office 2010? ??????.

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StackMob: The Complete Technology Stack for Mobile Apps

stackmob_logo_150x150.jpgStackMob is a new startup with a brilliant idea: make mobile development easier by offering a single platform for integrating backend services into mobile apps. Company co-founder Ty Amell describes the service as "Heroku for mobile," referring to the way Heroku, a platform-as-a-service provider, provides add-ons to Ruby developers looking to integrate additional functionality into their apps. Like Heroku, StackMob will let mobile app developers pick and choose which backend services they want to integrate into their apps, too. That way, developers can spend less time and effort on infrastructure concerns, and can instead focus on perfecting an app's user experience, its design and client-side code.


What the StackMob Stack Includes

StackMob is developing/offering the following:

  • A single integration point to backend services
  • API creation and management - API infrastructure in the cloud for API's built in minutes, not weeks.�?Developers can also write their own business logic and upload that custom code in Java, Ruby, Python, Lua or any JVM supported language.
  • Analytics across all StackMob services where you can drill-down by geographic location, platform, app version, demographic info and more.
  • Messaging (both push and email); Email powered by SendGrid, Inc.
  • Social (Twitter, Facebook, Google) - both logging in and social network sharing is supported.
  • Location services (not available in the beta, but in development)
  • Advertising (not available in the beta, but in development)
  • Monetization (?not available in the beta, but in development)
  • An open source iOS SDK is available (Android coming soon)

Beta Details

Some of these services, as noted above, will be available in StackMob's beta due to launch in either February or March, while some are still in development.

Initially, StackMob is just focused on the iOS platform but plans to extend to Android in the near future. However, because the SDK (software development kit) provided is open source, there's nothing stopping developers from downloading a copy and tweaking it to suit their needs.

Although the exact pricing structure has not yet been determined, StackMob will be available as a freemium offering, we're told. It will be free to use, but when you're ready to publish your app to the iTunes App Store, you'll need to pay. The pricing tiers will then be scaled by app usage.

If you're a developer interested in testing StackMob when it launches, you can sign up for the beta here on the company homepage.





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