Sunday, January 30, 2011's Redesign Met With Resistance


Whenever a company makes a big change to its layout, there are likely to be some complaints. You can't make everybody happy all the time, right?

Well, social organization site Meetup plopped down a redesign that it's calling "New Meetup" and its users have come out in droves to ask for the "Old Meetup" back.


Meetup uses a service called UserVoice to manage its customer support, wherein users can make suggestions and have other users voice and comment on those suggestions. One suggestion, to "give organizers the ability to restore the old format. Or at least change the current one." has leapt to the top, with nearly 4,000 user votes and 2,000 comments on the topic.

From the description of the new Meetup site, it sounds like the changes are geared at allowing more cooperation and coordination when creating events, rather than relying on a single organizer to dictate when, where and how the event will take place. "If the leadership team for the Meetup Group would rather plan all the Meetups," the company writes, "Organizers may choose to disable Meetups 'in the making' under Group settings."

A site administrator has commented on the much-supported user request and said that it is "Unlikely we will flat out revert or offer multiple views, but keeping this open to hear how the new meetup is not working."

Users have responded in the comments saying that they will stop paying for the service, with some even taking their plea to Facebook, where they've created a group to petition Facebook to enable features similar to the ones they lost.

Surely, though, there are some users that are happy with the redesign, right? Are you a user and pleased with how things turned out? Let us know in the comments.


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