Sunday, May 15, 2011

What the Social Business Professional Gets Paid [Infographic]

2dot0.adoptioncouncil.png The 2.0 Adoption Council created an infographic this week to show who is driving the use of social business technologies in the enterprise. The findings are based upon the responses from 96 people.

The results show that the median salary is about $114,000 for people who play a role in Enterprise 2.0 adoption. The highest paid person survey makes $400,000. The lowest is paid about $40,000. By department, groups taked with knowledge management efforts are paid a median salary of about $162,000 per year. People in marketing have a median salary of $105,000. The lowest paid are in R&D. Their median salary is $80,000.


XPLANE - 2.0 Council Survey Report 051211.pngSlide show and Download

The salary data shows that social business efforts are spread throughout the organization, not just in IT as has historically been the case.

The results are a snapshot of the extended role of social business in the enterprise and some proof that it is not a grass-roots, low-level movement. That's in contrast to the grass-roots efforts that have spread social technologies throughout society.

That is testament to the fact that the enterprise is a completely different environment. It reflects the unique nature of corporate culture and proof that influence is controlled by people who have significant budgets.


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