Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wistia to Offer Video Producer Marketplace Gallery

wistia150.jpgTomorrow, video hosting provider announces a new site called 50 Grove. It is a video production marketplace that makes it dead simple to find great video producers to work with. To no surprise, there is a huge growth in business video in the last couple of years but there's still a major problem: people don't know where to go to find great producers and to find out how much they should spend on their work.


50grove.jpg"The most popular strategies for finding producers today are I know a guy, My cousin knows a guy, or reaching out to another company who has a video and asking them how they made it," says Chris Savage, the CEO of Wistia. Now you have a place where you can watch and evaluate producers and examine what they will charge for their services.

We've used Wistia for hosting our screencast videos for years, and glad to see that they are taking an independent leader in this marketplace. And the proof is in the pudding: you can watch samples and pick the ones you like the best in several price ranges.


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